2015 Matadors Forever

Congratulations! You’ve reached your final semester at Cal State Northridge. After graduation you may no longer grace campus with your presence each day, but your relationship with CSUN and your time as a Matador is just beginning. Students today, Matadors forever.

The Senior Class Gift is a new tradition at CSUN and your first chance to leave your legacy on campus. CSUN has been made better by the generosity of those who came before you, and now it is your chance to give back.

Your gift will help to provide future students with the same opportunities you enjoyed during your time as a student. Participation is what matters most, and every gift counts! So make your gift of any size, perhaps $20.15 in honor of your graduation year, or $100 to be recognized as a President’s Associate (normally $1,000!).  Remember — a lot of small gifts add up to make a big difference.  Parents and friends may also give a gift in your honor to the Senior Class Gift.

For more information, or to make your gift, please click “Donate Now” in the top left corner of this page, or contact Ernesto Casillas at 818-677-4112 or seniorgift@csun.edu